ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The Child Development Cooperative, LLC is an organization dedicated to providing quality child care and preschool for kids, ages 6 weeks to 5 years and are open from 7-5:30 M-F. Please visit our Curriculum and Gallery pages for more information on our amazing staff and program.

MISSION STATEMENT We work to provide excellent childcare in a safe, ecologically respectful, and nurturing cooperative environment.  Our curriculum fosters the support and development of each child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth through active learning and exploration, experimentation, and creative expression.  We are committed to building a strong community, home, and school partnership and value the diversity and uniqueness of each child, family, and staff member.

WHAT MAKES US SO SPECIAL? Our program combines the two most important ingredients for a successful first school experience: the expertise of a professional teacher and the best expert on your child…YOU! Whether you are helping in the classroom or attending a parent meeting, the entire school benefits from your input and cooperation.  We require family volunteer hours each year just to keep your ideas and suggestions coming. This also promotes a very close community of parents, teachers, and children. Not only do we try to think in the spirit of a cooperative, but we are also going green! We recycle, have an organic edible garden, use NoVOC paints that don’t off-gas, incorporate organic milk and foods into our menu, and otherwise teach our children to protect their environment! We are a licensed, Type II facility, and while staying up-to-date on our state licensing rules and regulations, we keep up on the latest developmental research regarding the care of young children. Because of this and our desire to always be developmentally appropriate for our children, we cannot accept public funding at this time. The acceptance of public funding puts us in a position where the focus of our program would have to be academic per the Department of Education, and that is just not us! Our kids graduate VERY prepared and go off to great “big schools”, BECAUSE our focus is on play-based, child guided learning.

So, if you are interested in becoming part of a community of parents and families who like to be involved in their child’s most important years and want to take part with your child in the journey of early childhood education, come by for a tour. (Due to Licensing regulations, we must schedule tours in order to have mandated staffing requirements met. Tours now held Tuesday-Thursday, 9-11.) Call today to schedule yours.


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