And the Terri Lynne Lokoff/Children’s Tylenol National Child Care Teacher Award Goes To…

Miss Latressa Miles!!!!!!

Each year the Terri Lynne Lokoff Foundation recognizes 50 child care teachers across the United States who provide quality in early childhood education. This year one of our own is being recognized for her amazingness! Ms. Tressa is so very deserving of this award and recognition and we could not be more excited for her. In the words of one parent:

“I am honored to write this letter in support of Ms. Latressa Miles, a teacher at the school my son has attended for close to three years; he is going on his second year in Ms. Miles’ class.

It is hard to quantify the impact she has had on my son as a student.  As a family we decided to keep him at the Child Development Cooperative an additional year rather than to send him on to a  free public Pre-k.  There was little doubt in our minds that another year with “Ms. Tressa,” would the best thing we could do for his long term educational prospects. We couldn’t have asked for a better educational partnership in this critical phase of his development than we have had with Ms. Latressa Miles.  

Ms. Tressa opening her award letter.
Ms. Tressa opening her award letter.


There are many ways in which Ms.Tressa has enriched my son’s education.  More than learning letters, numbers and days of the week, which he has, Ms. Miles has fostered in him a boundless curiosity and love for learning that makes the skill acquisition part a piece of cake.  He is truly excited about science and experimentation which the students do in Ms. Tressa’s class in small and big ways all day long.    When he masters new tasks or skills at home he will often say, “I can’t wait to show/tell Ms. Tressa.”  I know that is because she will be genuinely interested and proud for his accomplishment and will encourage him towards the next achievement.

The Child Development Cooperative uses an “emergent curriculum,” that allows for a lot of freedom in decision making and evolution of process for students within certain parameters including safety and mutual respect. It requires a teacher to really be in tune with each individual student’s needs and interests, as well as skill level and ability. On any given day one may be focusing on fine motor skills while another is interested in words, or math or robots and explosions. I have watched her in action, Ms. Tressa does an amazing job of engaging each child and helping them find their individual paths through a project or task in a way that allows each to gain mastery or a sense of accomplishment in their own way.   

All the parents have a deep respect and appreciation for her, and it is obvious all the children love her.  She is an incredible teacher and remarkable individual that is well deserving of any award or recognition available to someone in her profession.”

We could not have said it any better ourselves! In addition to simply being recognized for her wonderful work with the children in her care, she receives an all-expense paid trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to receive the award along with $500.00 to be used for a project that will benefit her classroom. Get ready parents! We are building a fence to expand the classroom learning environment to include the outdoors!

For those families currently enrolled, you now have even more bragging rights! Ms. Tressa is the FIRST recipient from South Louisiana to win such an award and your child gets to go to the center where she feels most at home! Please help us congratulate Ms. Tressa and spread the word!

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