Holiday Crazies

If you are like me, your Facebook news feed is filled with suggestions and activities and outings for the holidays that can’t be missed, not to mention all the family obligations! All of them look and sound wonderful and make me think that everything is not to be missed, or I will somehow deprive my […]

Setting the Example

This past Saturday, I presented a 3 hour workshop on outdoor play at a small state-wide child care conference. It’s been a while since I last facilitated a workshop with participants that were not my own staff, mostly because I don’t look forward to the blank stares and sometimes verbal push back I get when […]

Learning to Play

Let’s talk professional development. We are so very fortunate to have a parent base that understands and supports our need for professional development. We close our center for a day twice a year to provide our staff with training and some time in their classrooms without the children in attendance to get a few things […]

16 from ’16

A couple of weeks ago a professional FB group I belong to posted a challenge to choose 16 photographs that best describe our program. 16?!? How do I choose 16 out of over 1000?!? “Can I combine photos to make a single photo?” Nope! Any post over 16 photos would be deleted… Well! Challenge accepted! […]