The Loppers

The Co-op kids recently had the opportunity to learn how to use a garden lopper to cut off the branches of some old Christmas trees. Each year we ask our families to bring their old trees to us instead of putting them out for recycling. The littles incorporate the trees into their outdoor play until they […]

17 from ’17

Last year I was challenged by a professional Facebook group I belong to to choose 16 photos that best describe my program. This year the challenge was extended again this time using 17 photos. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do because we are so much more than 17 photos! […]

The Piñata

(I originally wrote this post last year and have edited it with updated photos and content. Why reinvent the wheel, right?) It has become tradition here to have a Winter Pajama Fiesta in mid-December to usher in the winter holidays. We all wear our cozy pajamas, our families bring the fixings for nachos and our […]

Holiday Crazies

If you are like me, your Facebook news feed is filled with suggestions and activities and outings for the holidays that can’t be missed, not to mention all the family obligations! All of them look and sound wonderful and make me think that everything is not to be missed, or I will somehow deprive my […]