Learning through Play

Our environment is safe, healthy, and contains a variety of toys and materials that are both stimulating and familiar. The children select activities and materials that interest them, and they learn by being actively involved. Last night we held our first parent meeting and discussed in detail the power of play. Our children play in centers designated as science and nature, art, dramatic play, math, literacy, and blocks. Each of these areas hold unique and important lessons, but are never compartmentalized. This simply means that if one of the children needs to build a workbench with blocks to go along with her tools from dramatic play, not only is this allowed, but encouraged! We do not believe that each center is static and in a vacuum, but is fluid and flows together. In order to allow for creative learning through play, we ensure that the toys and materials are developmentally appropriate yet challenging. An example of this is seen in our frequent “changing of the centers”. Each classroom will look completely different at the end of the year from when you may have started. This provides stimulation that only a new environment can offer.

Sometimes art needs an audience!
Sometimes art needs an audience!

Our toys and resources are safe, non-toxic, and are moving towards being more environmentally friendly. We believe that safety is the key to high-quality care. We do follow all class A, state licensing requirements as designated by the state of Louisiana and research other nationwide best practice guidelines to provide all of our children and families with the best first school experience. We hope to go above and beyond what our families may have expected from a preschool and strive each day to provide an opportunity for learning through play. (Besides, it is cute to see them play, you should stop by and see them in action!)

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