The Piñata

It has become tradition here to have a Christmas Pajama Fiesta in mid-December to usher in the winter holidays. We all wear our cozy pajamas, our families bring the fixings for nachos and our Chameleon & Grasshopper classes make the piñata. We fill said piñata with various things like stickers, pompoms, last year it was […]

My School Is Cooler Than Yours!

We all do it. Repeating an action over and over even though the process or outcome isn’t what was desired, because it’s what we’ve always done and it takes a “duh” moment to shake you out of it. Mine (at least one of them) was our annual parent meeting. Every fall we host an adult-only […]

Maybe One Day…

I read something last week issued by the Louisiana Department of Education that scared me. It really scared me. The LDOE is pushing for “strong and coordinated curriculum and assessments” in child care and early education. They are even going to implement a program for centers to either get approved curriculum free or funds to […]

Loose Parts and Pieces!

Physics , geometry, mathematics. Call it what you will, we absolutely love how loose parts can completely engage, challenge and stimulate our Co-op kids! We have been working on transitioning our playground for the past five years to a loose parts and pieces playground. As those donated or purchased plastic, single-use toys get broken or […]

Why Preschool Shouldn’t Be Like School

One of the questions that we get most frequently from people unfamiliar with our play-based, child-guided school is how do you get them ready for Kindergarten and what do you do all day if you don’t teach them the ABCs and their numbers and their colors and how to read and walk quietly down the […]