Play Hive

Every spring we host a Co-op Spring Clean and Crawfish Boil, and every spring we try to include a new build for one of our playgrounds. This year, we want to build a structure called a play hive. The play hive is expensive to build so, as we do for any addition to our center, we are having a fundraiser. We have two ways to help . Option 1 is to visit Greenraising. They have a wide selection of items to order and we receive 45% of your purchase. Option 2 is to donate cold, hard cash. We receive 100% and we will commemorate your donation by burning your family’s name into the play hive where future Co-op kids and families will be able to reflect upon your generosity for generations to come.  Whichever way you choose to help, please know that the staff, administration, and most importantly the Co-op Kids appreciate your support for our program and dedication to improving the center!

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